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Privacy policy

Privacy policy

1. Declaration

Web-site’s owner core purpose is respecting user’s privacy. It is ensured that following aspects are secured:

- personal and company data is processed in accordance with European Union law

- personal and company data is secured against unauthorized access

- personal and company data is stored on secure and professional servers

2. Data administrator
Data is administered by web-site owner, Anex-bis sp.j. located in Toruń, Poland at Grudziądzka 140/142.

3. Data processing

Following data is processed: Name, E-mail, Phone number, Company, Company Address, Country, Message content. Data is processed upon user’s request, which is initiated by sending contact form on the web-site anexbis.pl. The purpose of processing data is establishing contact and providing response to inquiries.

4. User’s rights

A user has the right to:

- view their data

- request to modify their data

- request to remove their data completely from any web-site owner’s data bases

5. Cookies policy
This website uses cookie files (also known as cookies) in order to track data about website use by visistors. No other information is gathered, other than what is included in cookie files. Cookie files consist of electronic data, in particular small text files stored on end user devices that enable the user to view this website. Data is used by website owners for following purposes:

- creating viewership statistics

- personalizing marketing communication

- ensuring safety and reliability of the website

This website uses session cookies that are automatically removed from end-user devices after closing browser window, as well as persistent cookies, that are stored on devices and enable the end-user to use the website for a period of time. The end-user is able to change their personal cookie setting at any time by adjusting their browser. Limiting cookies may influence user’s ability to use the web-site in full capacity. Cookies may be placed in user’s device and used by web-site owner’s partners such as server administrators.